Sunday, January 27, 2013

Broward County School Corruption 

Parents have notify the Broward County School Police of the corruption in Manatee Bay Elementary in Weston Fla. The PTA and the Principal send a letter Sept 2012 that they no longer would do catalog sales that they would do the duck donations parents that would donate $50 the kids would go to a mega party, parents that would donate $100 kids would go to a mega party. It is illegal to exclude kids because the parents cannot afford to donate $100 and the principal was advised that parents where not happy about it and she promised the parents that she would include all the children. Oct 31,2012 Manatee Bay had the Mega party it was during school hours and ONLY the children that paid $100 where allow to go to the cafeteria and enjoy the party with the Miami Heat getting souvenirs, pizza and dance. The kids that parents send cash did not get invited since any cash that goes into Manatee Bay disappears.
That is DISCRIMINATION, what do we want to teach our children? that  ONLY the children that parents have money can go to parties and enjoy the school? do we want the kids to be separated the rich kids and the poor kids they have to be punish because the parents cannot afford to donate $100 is that a good example?
The famous 205 Clubs run by the PTA and Principal at Manatee Bay are violating the Jessica's law, They are private companies that are not cleared with children. Any company working in any Public school has to have a badge and be clear with Broward County School Board. Again the principal gets away with the corruption since the Chief of school police David Golt was notify and he chooses to ignore.

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  1. The School Board gets rid of good Principals without explanation and let's this one stay? She had audit exemptions at her last school with expensive equipment missing and what do they do? Move her to the elite neighborhaood of Weston! This has been going on for at least two years. I have worked in this school and can tell you all of the staff including her personal secretary are scared to death of her and how vindictive she is. The AP is on personal leave because she did not want to be a part of it and tried to stop it and was treated horribly by Mrs. DeVaughn and had to go out on sick leave. Why becuase she was honest and has been at the school since it first opened and hated what was happening to the school and the children to the point it made her physically sick! Mrs. Vitale a teacher there who is thick as thieves with the Principl and the PTA and the Private after care provider-ASP! She has been getting paid for the same hours of work by the School Board, PTA's club 205 and ASP the private provider!Not double dipping...triple dipping!! Reporters from every news channel and the School Board needs to do an indepth investigation on this Principal, Heather DeVaughn, and Katie Dowe the former PTA President, this has been going on for years!!!
    Look into the "Teacher Appreciation Classroom Lounge" with couch rentals and disco ball making a clasroom look like a night club lounge oaid for out of the childrens fund raising money!The children are the ones who are the victims and the Principal has misused funds and staff and parents and there is no one doing a thing about it! Disgusting!!